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Antenna Kit Parts

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Hello everyone, I am looking to do an antenna build, like we have done at some of our elmer nights, and I was wondering what parts I need?  I know I need wire, insulators, and probably a 1:1 balun, but what else as far as hardware is required?  Also, do you get most of these from Ham Radio Outlet, or DXEngineering?  Trying to get some kits ready to do them at the American Legion on the 28th of this month.  To keep this simple, I plan to have us build them for 20 meter to keep them short, but some people may decide to build for more than one band.

Thanks in advance for a good parts list.

Alan - AC0F

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Alan, sorry for the delayed response.   I have built several antennas and looks like we need some more information from you on just what antenna you want to build, there are VHF/UHF antennas, HF antennas and each of these come in a variety of form factors, ground plane, dipole, endfed, off center fed, delta...and such. 

If you are looking for input on just which one to build, I have some recommendations but it will be based on what band you want to use it on. 


Let me know and will get you going.  I have some parts for some of the builds you may want to do. 


73 Scott AK6Q




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