Our newest members:
• Robert Stucky (K6LYI) • Dick Harsh (N0TOE) • Judi Robins (WA7JR) • Andrew ( Kenny ) Barrows (KE0YZO) • Joshua Engelbert (KF0KUX) • Jeff Wilkinson (KF0LED) • Rich Emmerling (KF0LGX) • David Wilson (KF0EYV) • David Howe (WB9PIO) •

Our mission is serving others in promoting amateur radio in the community and providing the training and support required to become an amateur radio operator. We will develop, enhance and maintain radio systems suitable for providing communications for the benefit of the community; and when requested, to assist civil authorities. We will continue to promote a culture that gives opportunities for amateur radio enthusiasts to socialize, learn, exchange ideas and contribute to the enjoyment of our hobby.

Newly licensed? Been inactive for a while? Looking to get your license? Thinking of an upgrade? Finally, an amateur radio group in our area that can help!