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Simple speaker mod for your tinny FT3DR

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No doubt the radio has thin speaker audio. Somewhere on the internet I read removing the rubber side cover for the power and mic jacks makes an improvement in speaker audio. This does work and if you are not too worried about losing a little water resistance, it's a good start. Then, with the side cover removed, cut a small piece (0.75" by 1.10") of vinyl electrical tape (Scotch 700 is my favorite) and place it centered over the speaker opening on the front of the radio. Don't push the tape down into the horizontal depressions - leave those "ports" open to the left and right of the tape. You will be amazed at the improvement. The width of the tape can be tailored to your preference - making the tape wider reduces the high frequency content but don't completely close off the "ports". Experiment with different tape types and sizes. The tape I'm using is same color of the radio case and is hardly noticeable.

73 - Dave