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QUANSHENG UV-k6 new dual band HT with flashable custom firmware

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I like to play with ham firmware flashable radios - the GD-77 DMR firmware development continues and now has satellite tracking and APRS.  I just got a new Chinese dual band HT - the QUANSHENG UV-k6 for $30 from Amazon.  Very cool little HT.  Several different coders are writing firmware for it.  This is the one I like:


I haven't tried the others yet.  Lots of Facebook activity on this HT.

Check it out!

73 Dave, kx3dx

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Hi Dave!  I have its little brother, the UV-K5; same firmware platform works on both. I'm amazed at all the different firmwares there are for it. I've played with about five or six different ones. For $30, it's entertaining. I think the one thing that needs to be watched with these el-cheapo radios are the harmonics, but for horsing around and messing with SSB, CW, it's a fun little radio. Even saw a firmware that will allow you to use the PTT as a keyer for CW.  

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I introduced this radio to our club (Marin Amateur Radio  Society) in our monthly newsletter and everyone bought one or two. I'm currently working on some custom firmware. However, Egzumer's version with the spectrum analyzer is amazing. For $30 it can't be beat.