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Ailunce HD-1 GPS Programming Trouble

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Posting for a new ham having trouble w/ programming radios  

Trying to connect/program an Ailunce HD-1 GPS to the manufacture’s programming software. D/L’ed software, USB drivers and firmware update. Connected the radio to COM5 and was able to update firmware just fine. However, running the HD1(GPS) v2.23 software and Prolific USB-to-serial Comm port drivers v3.8.38.2 driver, it’s not able to read the radio’s data on COM5 or any other comm port tested. (Error: Check Connection, Retry or Cancel). I also verified that the radio is in DFU mode. All this has been performed with two different radios, two different programming cables, and two different Windows 10 systems with the admin account.

Anyone had this before or have any ideas?


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