Over the past several months, there has been a resurgence in activity in our communities where public gatherings are becoming the norm and attending packed stadiums and arenas are once again common occurrences. This has held true for the PRA as we have continued to encourage a plethora of ham radio activities each month. Aside from our on-the-air nets and monthly meetings, we have had great Elmering (learning/teaching) events, antenna builds, Fox-Hunts, mountain/hiking climbs, portable operating, Field Day and community communication events where we get to showcase and be ambassadors to the amateur radio service. That desire to be part of a fraternal group while serving our community in some way is what brings a lot of people to the amateur radio service. At the core is service and it is by our individual and group service where we share our time, talents and treasures to make amateur radio captivating to the public.

The various committees in the PRA embody service and the countless hours behind the scenes serving the PRA. For those that are active and directly contribute in a committee and participate in some way, THANK YOU for your passion. It is by your passion that the PRA has been able to grow in membership and service offerings since our founding in 2014. Many hands make light of a heavy burden and there is no doubt that the committees within the PRA make the heavy lifting tasks look easy.

From an organizational standpoint, our leadership team of the PRA (it’s Board of Directors), is a group of volunteers that is nominated and voted into their respective offices every two years. To reiterate, the PRA Board are VOLUNTEERS that not only serve their respective positions with passion and duty, but this collective body always puts what is best for amateur radio at the forefront while guiding and guarding the PRA organization. Yes, the Parker Radio Association is a non-profit business corporation and your elected Board has the obligation to run the organization, based upon Colorado Law structure, in making decisions that not only benefit the members, but the amateur radio service in general. With 250+ members, there are times that decisions simply cannot please every single member. At the same time, too, this Board, sometimes does not always make correct decision in a snapshot of time. Those decisions are not erroneous or taken lightly. Just like our committees, there are countless hours of work, debate, and resolutions that go on behind the scenes monthly. What is refreshing is that this Board is a group of humble volunteers that take responsibility for mistakes, owns those mistakes, and corrects them moving forward. We don’t always get it right the first time; we listen, counsel, debate and agree with one common theme and question at the forefront; is this decision good for amateur radio and for the PRA? Outside of nets, monthly meetings, and monthly Elmer Nights, your elected Board meets at least monthly, over the course of a few hours each meeting, to discuss the current business of the PRA and its future with a clear vision and mission to make the PRA the choice in amateur radio organizations in our region.

That vision and mission is a tall task, but like our committee activities, many hands make light of a heavy burden. If you are not involved, we encourage you to get involved. Getting involved may be confusing or you may not be sure where to begin and that is A-O-K! We want to help you get plugged in so that you can contribute regularly while learning about the amateur radio service. If you have a special skill set, let us know about it because we may be able to tap your talents, and with a little time, be able to share those treasures with other members. If, by chance you catch yourself criticizing more than participating, we need you off the sidelines and in the game with us because you have a lot to offer! To be part of a fraternal group while serving our community in some way brings us together in the common passion of amateur radio. May we continue to hold true to our core belief in individual and group service where we share our time, talents and treasures to make amateur radio captivating to those we service today and in the future.

Dan – N2SRK
Parker Radio Association

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