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[Solved] All GONE! FT 891 bundle, ViboKeyer Deluxe, and other stuff for sale.

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Giving the club members a shot at these.  Unsold items will be sold via QRZ starting Oct 16th. 

FT891  w/mobile mount, power cable in original box, LDG Z-100Plus w/cable in original box, Signalink SLUSB8PD w/cable in original box & Portable Zero Straight rails  Prefer to sell as a bundle.  $750.  All in great shape, kept in a hard case except to setup in camp or park. Solid setup, I've made over 3000 POTA CW/Digital/Phone contacts with it. 

VibroKeyer Deluxe.  This is a single key, chrome paddle w/cable.  This is in excellent shape.  $150.

ICOM ID-4100 (Not A) w/mobile mount & power cable. Bought it from Jeff / AB0L. $200.  Just not into D-Star.

Bioenno BLF-12045W 4.5 Ah.  Took it out on a SOTA once, now holding my desk down.  $40.

NN1C SO2R mini, with two commercially manufactured dual tip/ring cables.  $75. This is a basic SO2R box, integrates into most contesting software packages using the OTRSP protocol.

Contact me at, or via text. My number is listed in the member directory.


Dana NN0G 

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