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Flexradio 6400 w/ATU - SOLD/SOLD/SOLD

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Flex6400 w/ATU up for grabs. The FLEX-6400 offers the latest direct sampling SDR technology at an economical price for the general HF/6m operator yet it offers great performance for chasing DX and contesting.

This was my first dive into a fully software defined radio and it has been a joy to operate. Several contests, several modes, and casual rag-chewing...this radio was one of the most simple I've ever used. Like anything else, there is a slight learning curve, but FlexRadio has done a great job at having dozens and dozens of YouTube tutorials that are very well done. If a fellow like me can figure it out, it'll be a breeze for you.

If you'd like to take a test drive of it, let me know and we can discuss how to remote into it for a spin from your PC at home. 

Deal includes:

FlexRadio 6400 with Auto Tuner (ATU) built in.

Latest firmware installed and functioning 100%. Never an issue with the SD Card on any upgrades.

Original packaging, hand microphone, and full length power cord...just as it would come from FlexRadio today.

PRA Member-Only Cash & Carry Special at $1800. Will be listed on the major sites in a few days.

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