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Field Day 2022 Planning Thread

Dana (NN0G)
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Greetings all.

The clock is ticking, the days are flying by quickly.

We have PLENTY of tent spots left.  No need to register or sign up for a spot.

However, if you plan on bringing a trailer, we only have a few 25' foot spots left.

FOOD.  Did someone say food?  Yep we are having a Saturday evening BBQ.  More specifically smoked pork, compliments of the PRA.  Thanks TOM NI0L for tackling this all day task.

We are planning on being 3A again this year.  That would be 3 stations on the air, on battery power.  The plan at this point is to have one CW, one Digital, and SSB station.

And no you don't need to have a ham ticket to get on the air.  We will have experienced control operators available who can assist you with getting on the air.  

Please sign up at   We really need to get a good number of people attending, especially for the Saturday evening meal.  


Dana NN0G 

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