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TYT MD-UV380/390 basic codeplug  


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March 15, 2019 2:19 pm  

Here's a good starter codeplug for the TYT dual-banders. It has all the Brandmeister and RMHam talk groups pre-defined as digital contacts, and channels are pre-built for all front-range analog repeaters.

I'm personally not a fan of DMR RX Groups (aka poor-man's promiscuous mode) or Scan Lists, but there are examples of each defined so you can see how they work.

As the UV380/390 is dual channel, you'll see in the zone configuration how I use the "A" channel for analog monitoring and the "B" channel for digital. On the "A" side I also move that organization's repeaters to the top of the list for easier tuning access (so for Zone PRA, W0CFI, K0PRA, and simplex 146.550 are right at the top of the dial). All other repeaters are sorted by frequency.

To use this codeplug, simply open it in the TYT codeplug editor, set your Radio Name and DMR Radio ID on the General Settings page and upload to your radio. To add channel(s) for additional talk groups you're interested in, create new channel(s) following the K0PRA CO-Link channel as an example. Set the Channel Name accordingly and the Contact Name to the desired talk group. Add the newly defined channel to your desired Zone and you're ready to upload.

This codeplug works with any of the TYT dual-band radios - the UV380, UV390 (waterproof), and the older 2017.

Lastly, be sure to grab a copy of G6AMU's awesome DMR Codeplug Editor. Cathy's editor is a must-have for TYT owners as it allows reordering and insertion of contacts, channels, etc. Note it has some bugs that can scramble a codeplug so always keep a backup. As you use it, you'll discover the quirks and work around them. G6AMU's editor can also convert between TYT models so you can use it to convert this codeplug for older single-band radios too.

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