As we embark on a New Year, we often find ourselves setting many goals. Some of these goals are financially focused, others are focused on personal health, while other goals revolve around how we interact and treat other people in our thoughts, words and deeds. For me, there are countless resolutions that fit many of these categories as it is important that we take the time to do some self inventory and pinpoint what aspect(s) of our lives we want to improve. For most of us, we are given about 30,000 days on this earth and it is important to realize that your gift of time is unique because you are the only one who can give it.

From an amateur radio standpoint, I find myself consistently wanting to improve my CW copy speed. Now, this has been a resolution of mine for a few years now. As I look back at my attempts to improve, one thing is common; I was not consistent in the Time that I spent learning, studying and practicing. The element of Time…how precious it is, even when we want to give more towards our own improvement. I look at amateur radio as a type of pilgrimage; each day, each week, each month and each year, I need to be progressive on our pilgrimage and we cannot do this unless we give some time. Not only for ourselves, but assisting individuals and organizations is another way to share our gift of Time. If you have never attended a PRA meeting or Elmer Night, this is the quickest way to see your fellow ham radio operators sharing their Time to assist others and build upon our wonderful organization.

All of us have special Talents or gifts. These Talents and gifts are not given to us just for our own use, but are given to us for the enrichment of the lives of others. If you have a Talent for soldering, have you ever shown someone how to solder and watch them as they successfully solder a resistor, J-Pole, or PL-259? The magic of learning begins with the magic of teaching and teaching comes from a mastery of unique gifts that we are given. Sharing your Talents builds common good and through this opportunity of common good, friendships develop. Putting ourselves at the service of others makes us good stewards to the amateur radio service.

Sharing our gifts of Treasure, we do make the most of our material possessions. As an example, take a look at the PRA repeaters that have gone up in the last year. Our repeater system is an example of material possessions (like equipment and money) being put to use. Now, it takes more than just Treasure to get repeaters on the air. Yes, it takes time and talent to bring all three elements together. The PRA also shares its Treasures of three loaner HF rigs for our members. These HF rigs are some of the latest in the market and give our members the opportunity to not only get on the air, but to put our Treasures to use. Your gift of treasure is a direct gift that only you can give. I can attest that when I give to the PRA, I get so much more in return.

Time, talent and treasures are what make the PRA special. The collective efforts of individuals that are fanatical about amateur radio showcase our abilities and demonstrate the potential that others may not necessarily see in themselves. What time, talent and treasures do you plan to share with your fellow amateur radio community? Maybe a presentation or giving a new member a simple welcome and note of encouragement…it does not take something radical or revolutionary to have an impact, particularly when we freely share our Time, Talent, and Treasures to make amateur radio better today than it was yesterday.

Dan – N2SRK
Parker Radio Association

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