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This is a remastered version of Ubuntu Linux. Versions 23 and 24 are stable 64-bit versions based on Ubuntu 18.04.4. 32-bit support has been dropped (last supported in V21).

This version contains a lot of amateur radio software including Fldigi, NBEMS, Gpredict, earthtrack, xcwcp and qrq, XLog and cqrlog, flrig and grig, xnec2c, fl_moxgen, aa-analyzer, owx, VOACAP, glfer, Xastir, gqrx, gEDA, GNU Radio Companion, quisk, direwolf, linamc, FreeDV, wsjt-x, js8call, Micro-Fox 15 Config, and a TinyTrak3 configuration program.

This software collection uses the Xfce desktop environment with menus customized for Amateur Radio use. It is designed to be lightweight, fast, and visually appealling.

Recommended minimums: 2GHz CPU, 4GB memory, and 15 GB of disk space.


  • Live medium which can be installed to the hard drive or USB thumb drive
  • Xfce desktop environment
  • Contains a large number of amateur radio programs
  • Amateur Radio menu customized for ease of use
  • Nothing proprietary (as far as I know)
  • Software came from the Ubuntu repositories, PPAs, and source tar files
  • Software defined radio receiver with RTL2832 USB dongle
  • Micro-Fox Config GPL and TinyTrak3 Config GPL
  • GNU Radio Companion and gqrx
  • FreeDV (free digital voice)
  • Packet radio software linpac and AX25
  • pskmail client and server
  • digital radio mondiale
  • Learn CW via the Wordsworth method
  • FT8 via wsjtx and AlarmeJT
  • js8call
  • Arduino IDE and libraries, plus Fritzing

I'll be spinning this up in a VM and playing with it. Stay tuned for a review.



73 KE0DC

Scott AK6Q and W0BDT reacted