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I checked in on 448.something and it went silent.  By the time I worked my way back to 147.165 the net was done.

My update for the net was already long  but is now longer because I can type it and yall have to ;TLDR but do read!

Really wish I could be further south and connect with you guys the parker repeaters and digital support is really awesome, my brother-in-laws in Texas and Virginia still connect occasionally via hotspots.  I luv you guys man.

My last checkin with you guys was on a ID-5100A at Lake Waneka in Lafayette.

We, that mean YOU, should lobby the ARRL to have field day be moved to Fall. Have a winter and fall field day. HAMs in hot climates have an unfair advantage.

Made a road trip to Texas 14 hour drives to Frisco Tx for Mom's 95th birthday

Mom's birthday is on Field Day weekends so unfortunately I've been unable to attend Parker Field Days.  I've missed 2 that I wanted to attend.  The numero uno reason to move field day is really because Mom's birthday is the universal event of all time and all else is insignificant.  Got it?

So, back to the heat of Tejas.  I spent my field day sweating in 100+ degree temps with the Carrolton Ham Radio Club at the Farmers Branch Fire Department. I ruined my good vented sun hat helpin and providing unneeded mental support with some HF antennas.  Hello ARRL!  You owe me a new summer shade cowboy hat for Texas.

Look at 17:54 and see the capless white bearded fella trying to understand contacts when my B-I-L that's been a HAM since he was a youngun pickin call signs out of noise.

Thanks Bill.

Made my first c4fm contact on my 991a with Bill, thank you W0SUN, I'm looking forward to joining the digital learning net.  I'm sending my D74 off to the northeast to a Kenwood repair center to replace the keypad.  I learned on field day VFO and MR was not working correctly.

Finally got my 991a and power supply in a 2U gator box, just strapped down with velcro, so I'll have to take care with transport.  It is kinda ready for my first real field day.  Although, I want a sexy multibandpass filter like my B-I-L and need to invest in a Rig Expert.  Space matters,  if anything, I've learned from the Boulder flood, or Louisville fire, I need smallish containers to just grab and be able to throw into our vehicles.  

I heard someone say POTA or SOTA, I do want to learn the CW one day but need to focus on my Icom 705 SOTA POTA setup with its Icom tuner and magnetic loop and go outside.  I sometimes wonder what it is like to walk outside or even up hill.  Do people really do that an not wear a mask 🙂

The 2 field days I've been to were inside buildings, out of the heat, watching contesters teach folks like myself how to make a LOT of contacts.  When are there field days that are focused on grab and go?  Practice on field setup and basic ICS practice?


Jimmy - K0VEZ

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