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I've really enjoyed the kit building tales from the PRA.  I, too, have been a kit builder for many years and still have a working Heathkit Digital clock from 1973.  They made good products.  Lately I've been playing with Arduinos and Pi's.  I'm not very good and they are a real challenge for me but I persist and my persistence has yielded some working projects.  In the process I have a pretty good inventory of electronic components.  Like Terry, WB3EVZ, and others have said, it's expensive to buy a single component, so I always ordered more than one.  When the transistor costs $0.75 but $10 to ship, I bought 10 of them.  Sometimes even more.  So don't be shy about collecting stuff.  Who knows, perhaps someday we'll have a PRA swap meet.

On another note, while looking for a definition of a Q-code I stumbled across a website on the Origins of radio terms.  Very interesting read about the development of Morse Code and radio terminology.  In the first paragraph is a credit to another  

You just have to go to this site!  The "CHOOSE YOUR AREA OF INTEREST" section item #21 has another link to KITS--lots and lots of kits.  

Surely you'll find one that looks interesting.

Have fun



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