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IC-756 Pro For Sale/Trade

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I've got an IC-756 Pro for sale or trade, in very nice condition. Everything works 100%. Screen is in perfect condition. Includes a built-in auto tuner. 100W 160-50m. Includes original microphone and manual, but no box. This was Icom's flagship radio in 2000, and cost $3500 new ($5950 in 2023 dollars). Was arguably the best radio money could buy in 2000. Nowhere near a flagship now, but still an extremely high-quality analog rig. Audio is absolutely beautiful in these radios, particularly with the DSP noise reduction and DSP infinitely-adjustable filters. Happy to bring it to a meeting for a demo, or you can come by.

Why, you ask? I need a mobile HF radio. Would prefer an FT-857D, FT-891, or IC-706 MKII or MKIIG. Willing to trade +/- cash.

Price is $650 for PRA members (which is the very bottom end of the price range on ebay, plus you save about $100 on shipping). If it doesn't sell here, it's going to the Aurora Swap.

Will send photos if you need them. Excellent condition for its age. Missing one screw. Non-smoker.

n0gq@parkerradio.org or 720-773-1271