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COVID-19 Info update 29 March, 2020  


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March 28, 2020 12:55 pm  

One of my neighbors works with FEMA.  He has shared with me some very interesting information as it relates to us here in Colorado.  In a letter to his family last week he explains things more clearly than I can.  Stay safe everyone.





 March 23, 2020


I serve as the manager of Colorado UCC two days a week and the State Hazard Mitigation Officer working to integrate FEMA/Colorado activities four days a week.

I am sorry for being out of touch this week.  We are on 12 hour shifts 6 days a week at the Colorado Unified Command Center.  The UCC is Colorado’s COVID-19 information collection/decision/action integration center.  We develop the data and reports that move up the chain to senior advisers to the Governor.  We then implement decisions. 

The UCC also implements directives such as moving supplies and equipment around the state and sending people into harm’s way.  Everyone we send out into an infected area is quarantined for 14-21 days.  Yesterday we had our first Colorado National Guard soldier (30 years of age) with a confirmed COVID-19 infection from his duty assignment.  He was fully protected at a testing site but still became infected.  There will be many more.

State governors are largely in control of implementing the COVID-19 measure we are seeing implemented across the USA.  Local health departments have significant powers that are reserved as interventions if we enter a crises stage.  I DON’T THINK WE WILL GET TO THAT STAGE. I have not put a Stage 5 on our preparedness matrix for good reason.  I don’t believe we will get there.

 As predicted, we entered Stage 3 on the Boand Family Preparedness Plan last Wednesday.  You should now have fully implemented Stage 3 measures.  If you have not, let’s talk.  Stage 4 restrictions are now beginning on a state-by-state basis.  I expect Colorado to enter Stage 4 by the middle of this week.

 What does a quarantine / stay-stay-home order mean- just that.  You will be asked/required to stay at home unless you are critical worker.  State and local officials are empowered to enforce the orders.  Local communities can usually go beyond the restrictions in state orders.  READ and LISTEN to your local news.  You can also find out what is being ordered by going to your state Office of the Governor web site where the orders (Executive Orders) are normally posted. READ and THINK.

 We are going to being to see the following impacts more frequently:

 ·         Grocery store shortages will likely grow as workers fall ill.

·         Expect rationing of key goods like TP one per customer.

·         Expect to be ordered to stay at home with one trip allowed by one person daily or every three days to purchase household needs.

 We now know that everyone gets COVID-19.  Little kids, teenagers, young adults, middle agers and geezers.  The mortality rates for those under 60 are low but not zero.  Mortality rates are highest for those over 80.  They are very significant.  Protect the oldsters.

I need you to move to Stage 4 preparations and actions NOW.  It is upon us and will likely last at least through April but possibly well into June.

Increase your cash holdings.  Keep your vehicle fueled.  Stay away from all crowds greater than two people – yes two.  Maintain a 6-foot distance from the next person if you venture out.  Buy fresh foods and maintain your food reserves.  Buy some fun foods for comfort.  Talk to people.  We are all in this together.

 It is also important to help other people who may not be prepared.  Share if you can.  Don’t be a hoarder.  While I expect the things you need to be available they very well may not be available on your time schedule.  Move perpendicular from people who are behaving badly.  This will drive Eri nuts – but always be scanning-scanning-scanning.  While Americans are generally we behaved, some people are scared.  THINK ahead one month so you don’t get worried.

 I am screened every morning by medics for COVID-19 symptoms.  They include a rapid onset fever, shortness of breath, sore throat and generally felling really lousy.  The onset symptoms are the fever and sore throat.  If you have these symptoms isolate yourself from others immediately.  Implement treatment of electrolytes, acetaminophen and bed rest.  Call your medial provider hotline for advice.  If you experience acute breathing difficulties get medical advice immediately.  Hospitals are infection zones at this point so home insulation is best.

 This will pass.  I am sorry for the boredom.  Call your friends. Be nice to each other.  Play games.  Bake break or a cake.  Once again, call your friends and relatives (Dad/Uncle Steve). Be nice to each other and pray for those who are having a tough time.

 We are probably headed toward an outcome similar to Italy with the number of cases exceeding China in three weeks.

You are all loved!!  Take care of each other. 



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March 28, 2020 1:04 pm  

It is rather remarkable how much of this has come to pass in 5 days.

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March 28, 2020 2:19 pm  

At the risk of humble bragging, even I'm shocked how much I got right in this blog post a month ago.

I know I'm telling most of you the obvious but the reported numbers are a solid week behind reality. We're probably approaching peak infection rate out there right now. Don't go out unless you absolutely have to. The next couple weeks will be positively grim.

I'd also suggest, from a mental health standpoint, minimize your exposure to the news. Go sit on the deck and read a good book. Play some games (Black Mesa is incredible). MLB has a bunch of classic baseball games on YouTube to stream for free. Heck, go play some radio! I hear there's a contest this weekend.  😉

73, and stay well.


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