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All hail the new ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Vice Director!  


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June 1, 2020 12:55 pm  

Breaking News! Just in off the ARRL news ticker:

ARRL president Rick Roderick, K5UR has appointed Dan Grady, N2SRK to
fill the remaining term of our former vice director Robert Wareham,
NØESQ who stepped down to take over as Colorado Section Manager.

I am delighted to welcome Dan to the ARRL Rocky Mountain Division team.
His strong leadership skills and his boundless enthusiasm for Amateur
Radio will be a great benefit to the members of the League as well as
the Amateur Radio community at large. Dan is a co-founder and current
president of the Parker Radio Association and I've had numerous
opportunities over the past couple of years work with him and to observe
how he leads and interacts with the club. I'm very confident the that
ARRL members of the division will be well served.

Please join me in congratulating Dan as he begins his new role.


Jeff, KØRM

AB0L (Formerly N0KAI)
Kenwood TM-V71A, Kenwood TS-590S, Motorola XPR4550, TYT MD-UV380, Kenwood TH-D7A, BTECH UV-5X3, µBITX V5 QRP

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Dan Grady
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June 13, 2020 12:07 pm  

All hail?  Not the right time of year to mention hail. 🙂

Thanks, Jeff!  It's an honor to serve and I know that great things are coming for the Division!