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AREDN activity in Denver and surrounding

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Good day hams,

I was interested in trying out AREDN. Can anyone comment as to what to expect for activity, ability to connect to other nodes, and what kinds of things folks are doing on the AREDN network here locally?

I once tried HSMM-MESH in another state and was less than impressed at the number of hams on it so it died out. I don’t want to invest $2-300 worth of gear if I can’t connect to another node. I know it’s intended use is for emergency operations, but would still like to be able to regularly experiment with it.

Looks like the closest stations to me are about 2 & 5 miles away. Looking for any insight that anyone might like to share. 

Thanks & 73,

Johnny Twist




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Jed Baer
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Yeah. There's a good-sized network up and running. Check out the Colorado Amateur Broadband Network. Specifically, - I think they used to have a network map up, but I don't see it. Seems there should be more info there, such as what frequencies to use, but maybe that's all auto-negotiated now.

Should'a mentioned that NØKMO - Jeremiah, will likely be at LARCfest on Saturday, so you could pick his brain about it.

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