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What HF radio should I buy?

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How many times have you heard this question - what HF radio should I buy?  Here's a link to a paper that tries to answer that question in a statistical/mathematical way(!?).  It's an interesting paper by K4FMH but I am skeptical - for two reasons.  It hardly mentions the IC-7300, a fan favorite, and it was published before data was available on the FTdx-10.  Interesting.  Buyer beware.


73 - Dave/dx

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Dave that is an interesting perspective on how to buy a rig analytically.  I do see that is misses the mark in some areas though.  I like to think of a radio more like a pair of good shoes.  The shoes do not have to be expensive, nor do they have to be the best in analytics.... but they must feel good on my feet!  I can't stress enough for those in the market to find a way to get a loaner or go to a shack that has radio(s) you take in interest in and spin the dials and take it for a test run!   


Thanks for posting this info... a great place to get some analytics!



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