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Weatherproof Enclosure for Cable Connections, etc.

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I've just bought a PreciseRF magnetic loop antenna, which has both a remotely operated tuner and a rotator. While the connections to the devices are weatherproof, the cables are terminated with RJ-45 connectors like Ethernet cables. The two cables get plugged into "Y" adapter, with a third cable that runs to a controller box.

I have found the RJ-45s are notoriously difficult to waterproof... I started looking for a weatherproof enclosure with slots for cables to enter and exit, and discovered something called a "SOCKiTBOX" on Most of the links that I found for the "medium" sized box, which is about the size of a shoe box, with slots for 5 cables, were priced at about $20, which I was prepared to pay, if it saved me the hassle of messing with the RJ-45 connections. Then I found this one for $7.77!

SOCKiTBOX 100533214 Weatherproof Box, Black
Learn more:

It arrived yesterday, and it looks like it will work as advertised. Seems like this could also work for baluns and other kinds of cable connections that should be protected from the elements.

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