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Actual Announcement!

After around 10 years, 2 moves of the server systems, nearly 80000 registrations and a lot of work of a great admin team, our registration system will be shut down.

Meanwhile the system is old and it would need a lot of changes and updates.
The Web-front end is old fashioned HTML, the operating system gets no security patches anymore since November and should not be used longer to store personal data.
Porting it to a new platform with an actual Linux version would cost a lot of time and effort.
The new OS version comes with updated versions of the script languages and first tests confirmed experiences of others, a lot of things changed, made it incompatible and nearly all scripts would need to be adjusted and tested.

I do not want to invest that time and instead decided to merge the system to the second DMR registration system that we have on the world, in Canada.
This is the easiest solution and can nearly be done by closing one system and opening the other.
In the past we proved already the compatibility when one system failed for a while.
The data are parallel in both systems, the registration procedures, the rules, everything is similar or even the same.
We cooperate and share the basic data since the systems exist.

The switch to that system is scheduled for 18th/19th of December.
- will stop to accept registration requests on 18th Dec.
After that we will work on the last open requests and clean everything up. will start to accept new registration on 19th Dec also from Europe and Africa, MCC range 2xx and 6xx.

This will not influence the networks, everybody can use it like before.
New users will find a new registration system, but since most of them did not use the old before, they will not realize a change.

There is one important change for existing users of our system: allows registered users to maintain their data themselves in a self-care area.
You can change nearly all information except DMR-ID, country and callsign.
Whoever wants to use this capabilities needs an account in that system.
Usually getting an account is the same procedure like in our system, providing a copy of the license document etc..
To make things easier for users who already registered in our system we implemented a way which simplifies the process.
When you login to with exactly the same email address that you registered in our system, the system will realize this and send a verification email to confirm the account. With the email you can login, set a password and change your personal settings, like the email address.
All done!


Some comments for users who may have concerns about data privacy after they read this.
We do not share your email addresses or any other private data! uses data that are shared public in our download area like specified in our data privacy regulations. These are required to use the DMR networks.
We use an actual secure encryption algorithm to create a unique hash from the email address which can be used for the verification process if users supply the email address to the new system themselves.

- Users who don't want to create an account at have to do nothing and nobody will get the email address.

- Users who want to use the nice self care features and create an account at need to enter the email address for verification themselves.
It is everybody's own decision.
The system will use the same encryption algorithm on the email address like our system and if the result is the same hash, the account gets approved.

That simplified process only works if you use the same email address at that is known to
In other cases where you may have a new address and it was not updated in our system, you either need to run through the complete registration process or may contact the responsible local admin from our system soon, identify yourself in a proper way, and request a change of the email address in our system. is located in Canada. You may find more information on data privacy with a comparison of the rules and the "EU adequate decision" here


We will close the registration platform at, but the admin portal will stay alive.
The known local admins nearly all decided to continue their work at and will get an introduction in the next days.
They will be able to support you like before.

All other features of, like the combined status pages of all DMR networks, the sysop platform for the configuration of public DMRplus repeaters, the DSTAR part which runs under the domain, the APRS servers, will stay alive.
The server platform will be upgraded to a newer OS later, this is scheduled for beginning of 2021 and may cause a short outage, but it will return quickly.

A big Thank You to all admins from all over Europe who supported me in running the system over the last 10 years.
It was a pleasure to work with you!

I wish you all the best and a nice Christmas time.
Stay healthy!


Hans DL5DI

73 KE0DC