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New HF Digital Chat mode - VarAC

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I just found out about this new "mode" that is a really slick way to do P2P real-time chat on HF; VarAC.

Really nice UI and features. Basically, it uses the same Vara HF protocol and software that connects with Winlink and uses it to create a mode where keyboard-to-keyboard chat can happen really smoothly, with lots of other nice features like beaconing, auto-reply, "is-typing", automatic messages, etc.

As described by the author: "VarAC is a FREE, modern HF P2P real-time chatting application
for the amateur radio operator that leverages the glorious VARA protocol"

I've installed it because I already use Vara HF for Winlink; it's a great weak-signal protocol for packet. The program ties to OmniRig for CAT control. 

It's super new, so not too many users on air, but very promising if you like real QSOs in digital HF. 

Check it out. 


Tom - KF0AER