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Scott Hawes, K0WAV, has asked me to post this on his behalf. I'm assuming he's having problems with his dial-up 1200baud modem in the SE hinterlands...


MID: 44681_KA3BVJ
Date: 2022/12/09 20:11
Type: Bulletin
Subject: Xmas Message
Mbo: KE0GB
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Body: 1514

R:221209/2011Z 74181@KE0GB.#SECO.CO.USA.NOAM LinBPQ6.0.23
R:221209/2011Z 13063@W9GM.#SWWI.WI.USA.NOAM BPQ6.0.23
R:221209/2004Z 44681@KA3BVJ.#EPA.PA.USA.NOAM BPQ1.4.65

A Christmas Message to the World

On Christmas Eve morning, December 24, 2022, the Alexander Grimeton
Friendship Association, in southern Sweden will be on the air sending
out a special Christmas message to the world.

The event will begin at 08:30 CET (07:30 UTC) with the startup and
tuning of the Alexanderson alternator transmitter through Grimeton Radio
Station, call sign SAQ. The transmission will begin at 09:00 CET (08:00
UTC) with the 98-year-old 200 kW Alexanderson alternator on 17.2 kHz CW.

Grimeton Radio Station, SK6SAQ, will be QRV (ready) on the following

3.535 MHz CW
7.035 MHz CW
14.035 MHz CW
3.755 MHz SSB
7.140 MHz SSB

QSL reports can be sent to SK6SAQ via email at

The event will also be live streamed on the Alexander SAQ Grimeton
Friendship Association YouTube Channel.

The Alexanderson alternator transmitter is the only remaining example of
early pre-electronic radio transmitter technology. The station, built in
1922 - 1924, has been preserved as a historical site. From the 1920s
through the 1940s, it was used to transmit telegram traffic by Morse
code to North America and throughout the world during World War II.

More information about the December 24 Christmas Eve event and the
transmitter can be found at the Grimeton Radio Station website.

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Jed Baer
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I haven't listened live. I have watched the YouTube video showing all the prep work, startup, etc. leading up to the transmission, plus the transmission itself. It is well worth the time to see this amazing installation.