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Field Day 2021 Planning Thread  

Jeff Karpinski
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Field Day 2021: June 26/27
Colorado Campground

Screen Shot 2020 12 24 at 12.01.36 PM

Never too early to start planning! If you camped any during COVID-fest 2020, you know how crazy the campgrounds got. 2021 will likely be even worse. If you're bringing a trailer, RIGHT NOW is the time to book your site for Field Day (click the link above). If you're tent camping, the PRA has you covered but parking is not guaranteed - carpool if at all possible. Note the club area is bookended by first-come, first-served sites 41-44 and 50-51. It's possible some of these may be open earlier in the week. They'll assuredly be all taken by the weekend.

Reply to this thread with your reservation and I'll keep the list below updated.

73, AB0L.

Club sites:
45, 46, 48, 49 (June 24-27)

Member sites:
AB0L 78 (June 24-27)
NN0G 68 (June 25 - 27)
K0TNG 81 (June 23 - 27)
NI0L 77 (June 25 - 27)
AC0M 76 (June 24-29)

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NN0G 68 (June 25 - 27).

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I'll be in Space 81 with my motorhome.   There is plenty of room in the site for tent campers so feel free to setup.  I'll be there from June 23 to 27th.   Randy K0TNG

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Tom Price


in Camp spot #77  June 25, 26, 27

Glenn Thompson
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Glenn Thompson, AC0M

I'll be in  camp slot # 76 from 24 - 29 June 2021