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Arduino / RigExpert antenna analyzer

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Actually built this a couple years ago but never got around to writing a proper UI for it. I recently discovered RigExpert pushed new firmware and wrote an Arduino library for their RigExpert AA-30.ZERO and that motivated me to finally get the job done.


IMG 20201025 102127

Nothing fancy, since the Arduino Uno doesn't have a whole lot of program space; just SWR plots for the various bands and detection of resonant freq, Z and Return Loss for the sweep. For more heavy-duty work, the analyzer will detect if RigExpert's AntScope software is on the USB interface and switch into a slave mode allowing full software control. Accuracy is just as good as all the other RigExpert analyzers. Those Russians do good work.

IMG 20201025 101806
IMG 20201025 101755

The Adafruit 2.8" TFT LCD with Touchscreen Breakout Board also has an SD card interface. I'd like to automatically log all sweeps but getting the SD card library to fit in memory is going to be tight. We'll see...

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