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Jeff Karpinski
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January 15, 2019 12:14 pm  

Welcome to your new PRA Forums!

Just a quick note how access works here. Random passers-by have read-only access to any open forums. Folks who sign up for 'Guest Access' have read/write permissions to open forums. Paid PRA members have full read/write permissions plus access to exclusive member-only areas. They also can see the membership list and public forum profiles. Lastly, there are club officer and site admin forums. What's visible to you will depend on your level of access, so if don't forget to log in if you find your favorite forums missing!

Lastly, a word about etiquette here. Be kind to each other. Save the trolling for Twitter or FaceBook. Also, no question is too dumb to ask - we were all noobs at one time!

73, N0KAI