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Patriot VE update (classes and testing free of charge, always)  


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August 26, 2020 12:58 pm  
An additional session has been added to the exam in Salida, Chaffee Co October 10th
Longmont still has 5 spaces on Sept 13th
Elizabeth has 3 slots for Sept 27th
As sessions fill we will add additional sessions so please feel free to pass along on any nets you participate in.

Register for any test at

All tests will be available, all are FREE and you can take multiple tests at a test session.
For those who keep asking about remote exams you can find them on
At this time all the groups offering remote exams charge
Laurel VEC is the only one that doesn't charge but at this time the Laurel VEC has not approved remote exams HOWEVER we are working on a proposal to offer remote exams but it will take some time.


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