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Patriot VE Test session  


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June 20, 2020 5:59 pm  
Another great test session today
I’ll post the full breakdown later but
7 Technician
9 General
8 Extra
Their licenses and upgrades should be issued by the FCC prior to lunch time Monday.
There were a number that got Tech & Gen, so e Gen & Extra and one who passed all 3 in the one session to get his Extra
Many thanks to the VEs that helped
We think we have all the logic with the Tier 2 testing program figured out and the process figured out. Now just have to get the rest of the VEs up to speed.
We are now fully electronic signature capable whether you take paper or computer exams.
Our next test is next Saturday at the Parker Radio Assn field day.
All exams are listed at
If you have a small group that wants an exam contact us.


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