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Seasons greetings, here are a few updates as we approach our last testing session for 2020 on 28th

With many thanks to Parker Radio Association we received a donation which we have used to buy 3 tablets to date for applicants to use to take the exam on computer if they don't have a device.  If they are not needed they are available for VEs to use to assist with.  We will still continue to offer paper exams.
For the past several years we have required a FRN and not put a SSN on 605's although it hasn't been a Laurel or FCC requirement.  Next year (can't remember the exact date) it will be a FCC, and therefore Laurel, requirement.
Also next year the FCC will require emails and will stop all snail mail notifications.  Again we have been doing that for the past years so no changes for us.  Phone numbers are still not a requirement by the FCC however, again, we have always required them.  
As of right now neither email or phone number are required in the hamstudy/examtools registrations but we've been catching them and updating all records when the applicant checks in.  To that end we've got a number of folks trained/familiar with that process and the "VE ADMIN" level of access in exam tools allows them to directly update the applicant when they check in, which saves a step in the process for the team leader.
There has been an ongoing pilot with a couple of regions to file all test paperwork as a pdf file upload to the Laurel VEC database.  We will soon be incorporated into that pilot as we are the ONLY Laurel team currently doing hybrid exams (2 other teams are authorized but they have only been able to do a couple of exams with only a couple of applicants).
To that end we will be scanning paper answer sheets starting in January and they will be incorporated into the 605/exam results report we run from exam tools at the end of a session.
Also starting January we will upload the final sessions report from exam tools (with scans of paper tests) to our google drive as an archive.
That will be incorporated into our current Assistant Team Leader training, and the ATL's will do that upload at the end of a session.
We're looking for someone to help with "paperwork" (although its "paperless" 🙂  
We need someone to help with the statistics, specifically right now taking the VE signin sheets and updating the master record so we can include the number of tests each VE has done, but more importantly to come up with a number of "man-hours" of volunteer time the done.  
This is an area that I've got way behind on (I've not had an accurate count the past couple of years!)
So if you are 'stuck at home' due to covid and would like something to do let me know.
I'll have to go back through all the tests in Session Manager software and pull copies where I don't have them and I'll upload to a google drive together with the excel master file I have and you will be able to update there (or download the excel file and do on your computer if you want).
I'd like to get that accomplished by mid-Jan so I can do an annual report that I've done in past years.

I'd also like to find someone who would have the time to go back through all the tests we've done since we started using exam tools (end of May) and determine how many people have taken the exam on computer v paper.  
I know many of you can't help with tests right now so if you want to help out let me know.
I've attached stats to day, with 2020 broken down with post-covid numbers (which coincided with our approval to start the pilot with computer testing).
Well lets hope it is better than 2020!
I will say that as far as testing goes we're receiving a lot of attention because we are one of a very few teams offering regular in person (and FREE) exams.  All the on line exams cost, and one of the groups responsible for the largest number of on line exams is stepping back - they never planned to be doing as many as they are and there will be a significant reduction in availability of on line exams in 2021.
One applicant on Wednesday evening advised that no one has been offering exams in Colorado Springs for some time (I've not checked) and we have been seeing folks from CoS on a regular basis at our exams in Elizabeth.
Right now we have regular exams scheduled every month in 2021
Elizabeth - 3rd Sunday  (10 per session / first at 9am and sessions added as needed)
Longmont - 3rd Sunday every odd month (10 per session / first at 9am and sessions added as needed)
Centennial - last Monday of the month (7 per session / 2 sessions, 6pm & 7pm)
I'm still trying to reconnect with the facility in Federal Heights.  Denver is on hold until the City changes their lockdown.
If you know of anywhere else/another club that wants to partner to offer exams let me know.  We have more than enough VEs to create a team for another location.
I'd like to thank all of you for your contributions over the last 5 years since the Patriot VE Team was formed.  I've said it before, but I never imagined what a few of us started in September 2015 would grow to anything like this size with 131 VEs.  
We have given 101 test sessions, seen 1831 applicants (with about 15 to be added on 28th), given 2778 tests, and 1,612 new and upgraded licenses.
I hope you and your families are coping and staying well and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


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