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New test site and help needed

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I hope you are all doing well and staying warm.

We have a new partnership - HRO - we will be offering tests there the 4th Saturday of the month.  This brings us to 6-7 tests at different sites each month!  We are filling most of our sessions.  

In January we tested 98 people, compared to 27 in January 2020 !  
The nearest place to our south that is offering tests is Pueblo - we see folks from Colorado Springs at nearly all of our tests!

In January folks travelled an average of 32 miles to test with us, with one person travelling 169 !    In 2020 it was an average of 25, max 80. Average for all of 2020 was 28, max was 394!!

If you'd like to help with that testing, and are not primarily assigned to another test site (so we can keep sites isolated as best we can) please join in the Discord group and let us know.
We are working on question pools for VEs and need some help validating some existing questions (ie find a reference source) and creating some new ones.  If you can't come out and help with testing yet but have some time to help with this project please let us know.  I'll add you to the Discord group that is working on this.
Some of these questions will go into the VEC exam generator and some will go into some video training I'm developing.  You'll watch an orientation/training video that will have questions after each section to test your knowledge.  This is the modern way to do training.
Stay safe, stay warm.



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