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New licenses and upgrades from this weekends testing were issued about 8am MDT this morning.

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Friday CENTENNIAL testing
Cardino, Stefanie D <none> Granted: KF0EWS New General
Folkestad, Justin <none> Granted: KF0EWT New Technician
Gleason, Mark W KF0DMA Granted: KF0DMA Upgrade to Amateur Extra
Ice, Brian S <none> Granted: KF0EWU New Technician
Morton, Todd A KF0EDJ Granted: AE0MP Upgrade to Amateur Extra
Parsons, Bradley <none> Granted: KF0EWV New Technician
Rodpai, Sarah <none> Granted: KF0EWW New Technician
Rogge, Terrie L <none> Granted: KF0EWX New Technician
Cooper, Sean <none> Granted: KF0EWY New Technician
Cooper, Terry L KF0BDD Granted: KF0BDD Upgrade to General
Dodwell, Harry <none> Granted: KF0EWZ New Technician
Jaspering, Sam <none> Granted: KF0EXA New Technician
Larrabe, Gabriel T <none> Granted: KF0EXB New Technician
McEntee, Andrew D <none> Granted: KF0EXC New Technician
Neuman, Kristeen <none> Granted: KF0EXD New Technician
Stormo, Steven KF0EDK Granted: KF0EDK Upgrade to Amateur Extra
Saturday HRO testing
Calzaretta, Chris B <none> Granted: KF0EXE New Technician
Krykun, Kostiantyn <none> Granted: KF0EXF New Technician
paddock Jr, William L <none> Granted: KF0EXG New Technician
Stark, David W <none> Granted: KF0EXH New Technician
Bouck, Craig W <none> Granted: KF0EXI New Technician
Conway, Dan <none> Granted: KF0EXJ New Technician
Ivushkin, Artem <none> Granted: KF0EXK New Technician
Wiechman, Tanner <none> Granted: KF0EXL New Technician

Our next test is this evening in Centennial then the following dates in April:

11th Denver Masonic Lodge
13th Longmont (not public yet as the sponsoring group has first dibs)
14th Federal Heights
18th Elizabeth American Legion Post 82
24th Denver HRO
26th Centennial Able Shepherd
30th Centennial Able Shepherd
All are FREE
All tests are available and you can take multiple tests if you have prepared for them
Computer testing available if you bring a laptop or tablet (analog, paper, still available)

Register at

If you have a group that you want to offer testing to, and have a space you can use, contact us. We partner with clubs and groups in many parts of Colorado. (We might be able to do something in an adjoining state.)