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Change to Patriot VE session page  


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July 14, 2020 2:50 pm  
If you check  for our test sessions full ones will no longer be displayed. If someone cancels and a slot opens back up it will be re-displayed.

So don't panic if you see sessions listed and there is a huge gap between some on the same day or none listed for a day we've said we've had testing.

Events in FB have a magic disappearing trick - there one minute then gone! 🙂

We are working on an updated web page and that will have a calendar on of our courses and tests. Initially I wasn't going to do a calendar on the web page as well, just refer to hamstudy, but they now have so many sessions on any given day that they have to only display ones that have space so people can actually find a test!

With that said we have openings this Saturday for testing in Elizabeth


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