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What are the active repeaters?

 W B
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Turned my radio on tonight for the first time in many months. Went to the 145 and listened and called out but heard nothing back. Is that station dead? What are other currently active repeaters? I see there haven't been posts on this site outside of gear. Hope this isn't dying off. 

Scott AK6Q
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Greetings!   I am not sure what the "145" is exactly so I am not much help there.   BUT for our most active repeater I would program in the Squaw Mtn Repeater of 147.165 with a tone of 123.  For our club users/guests this is the primary frequency.   


73 Scott AK6Q

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Jeff Karpinski
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The CRA 145.145 is still going strong. Most all repeaters get quiet in the evenings as folks are having dinner, doing family things, or playing on HF. Tune in during the "drive times" and you'll hear plenty of activity on W0CRA/R and K0PRA/R (147.165). Both are on Squaw mountain and provide similar coverage.

73, AB0L.