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Shortwave listening may not be dead

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Listened to an English language news broadcast from North Korea this morning at 730AM local time on 9435kHz.  What a blast from the past!  Like listening to Radio Moscow back in the 60's when I was a kid with a little shortwave transistor radio.  Remember the radio show Moscow Mailbag?  According to the broadcast today, the mighty military force of North Korea stands ready to defend against American aggression, and keep the people safe and prosperous.  I guess I have to tune around more.

In the late 60s back on the east coast I would listen to all the propaganda shortwave broadcasts, *and* 75 meters AM.  There was a group of college kids on 75m AM back then talking about things a 10 year-old could only dream of.  One of the guys, WA1HLR, Tim (broadcast engineer, inventor of the Tim-Tron) is still active on AM - just heard him a few days ago on 29000kHz AM.  Great signal from Maine (I think).  Very yellowy....  Some of these groups on 75m were famous back in the day.

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Far from it! I know a few SWL'ers. Heck, I might become one myself. Currently, I have an MFJ regenerative receiver, and a Radio Shack DX-392. Just got the 392 put back together - I had taken it apart to attempt a mod on the display backlight, which I decided against, and then had to order a new switch because I broke the tab off of one of them during re-assembly. D'oh! So that just got back together yesterday.

Apparently, DX reception at my QTH is dead, because both receivers seem to be stone deaf. On the MFJ, the only thing I've gotten, consistently, is Alex Jones - don't recall where I found that. On the 392, local broadcast comes in fine.

The regenerative receiver is something of a challenge to operate, and I don't know whether I have the regen trim pot set correctly. I'm thinking of selling the MFJ for pretty cheap. It has a fresh battery in it, FWIW. 😋 

What I'd like to do is get a Tec-Sun rig. From what I've seen, the cheap Chinese ones from Amazon, e-Bay, etc. perform pretty well too.