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Power Line Noise Jackpot

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I feel like I just hit the lottery.  Yesterday a power crew showed up in our Larkspur neighborhood and inspected each power pole and replaced insulators, transformers, crimp connections as needed and even checked ground rods!  This morning my noise level on the HF bands is all atmospheric and/or computer!  No more power line noise!  Granted, it was very low to begin with - I live next to Pikes National forest so my noise level is many tens of dB lower than when I lived in Littleton.  But hallelujah!  Christmas has come early to the kx3dx shack!

I just had tell *sombody*!  Back east I lived in a secluded area on a few acres and I was always calling the power company to come out and fix RF noise and often they found the noise on nearby gated hunting lands and could not get access until hunting season.  So to just have the power company show up (even if it is for wildfire prevention) and do stuff is mind boggling to me!

73 - Dave kx3dx - Happy Thanksgiving!

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