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New Ham - First Contact

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Thanks to all on the net tonight, I actually more stumbled across it than had planned on joining, but appreciate the well wishes etc. Tonight was my first time contacting rather than just listening, after getting my license ~2 weeks ago and I'm really happy about it!


I'm negotiating with the Mrs. on getting a night out to come to a meeting/Elmer night, and hope to meet more of y'all in person soon.






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Welcome Peter!

If you can make our December meeting, it's always one of the best of the year. Do note we're meeting a week earlier than usual - on December 11th.

73, AB0L.

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Peter - congrats on getting your ticket and way to go in taking the BIG STEP in making your first contacts!  We're here to root you on and meet you where you are in your amateur radio journey.  Questions are ALWAYS encouraged and look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

73, Dan


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Shout to all PRA HAMs and behind!

Hi, i'm  "GREEN" HAM. (unlicensed)

I got to see  PRA club group on December 2019 PAR meeting. (It was nice bunch of HAMs, well organized)

Looking forward to spent some time on my HAM education. Right now I'm going through the PRA website, getting oriented, filling my calendar with upcoming events, adding new contacts....

Next: Elmering Night and the Field  Day; see ya there!

Thx y'all , David V.

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There are lots of new hams on the air!  Great to hear them especially the uh less than 20 year old crowd.  All of the QSOs heard and participated in have been welcome music to my ears.  Hearing the new folks pride in their achievement and excitement does this old guy's heart tons of good.  The experienced hams have been super nice and welcoming.  Hope this continues!


73 de N0RDE  Jon