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Hi Everyone!

Jed Baer
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Well, here I am. General, got my ticket in Dec 2013. Not as active as I should be, but I like building stuff. I maintain websites for Intermountain Repeater Group and the 285 TechConnect Radio Club, and I have a little stuff on my QRZ page.

So, I have a couple things on my mind, and I suppose I'll post where appropriate one of these days.

I was talking with a guy at the Winter Hamfest, wearing a hoodie with NI0L embroidered on it, who mentioned antenna building. I have lots of stuff for making a Fong dual-band antenna, and I'm happy to share some window line and coax. I might even be able to remember what I was thinking when I made bunch of notes about it. Should be easy, with a NanoVNA to take measurements. I bought one, but it didn't do well on my analyzer, and I ended up returning it. Ed is a really nice guy. I noticed the lengths of various parts has changed from the QST article, so there might be some fiddling around needed. I might even be able to find where I wrote down the lengths from the new version.

I also just heard about PRA working on a remote station. This was at the recent TechConnect meeting, from a guy with a call ending in PDF - sometimes I really suck at remembering people's names. Anyways, the TechConnect club had a start on a project to do a remote station, and it stalled out even pre-covid, but now some folks are thinking about getting it going. We had a member who was going to donate a RigPi, but that's one of the things that went away. I'd be interested in any suggestions about what to use for remote control. I don't know how much budget the club is going to want to throw at this, but the remote-control pieces are what we don't have.

I'm used to typing BBCode and WikiCode by hand. This new-fangled GUI thing doesn't seem to like that. 🙂

Dan Grady
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Welcome, Jed!  Glad you're here.  No matter how active you are in ham radio, it is always there to greet you right where you are.