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I'm trying to get my D74 working with D-Star and have a couple questions.

I programmed some "channels" into my HT as shown in the attached screenshot. Let's say I want to connect to Dallas A.

Do I just switch to channel 096 (/ Dallas A), key up for a second or two and wait for the linked message, and I'm good to go? Once I'm finished with the link, I'm assuming I'd switch over to channel 092 (K0PRA U) and key up to unlink. But how do I connect the machine back to Colorado Mega DCS720-D?

I ask because I just disconnected from that Dallas machine and the local machine is currently not connected to anything. I figure I did something wrong since I assume it should now be connected to the Colorado network.

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Hi Ross!  Welcome to the PRA!

In your example above, when you execute the "L" command for whichever Reflector and repeater you want to connect, and you get the acknowledgement, you'll want to switch back to the gateway CQCQCQ in the TO: field (your memory channel 89).  Also, make sure that all of your Link commands have the "L" in the last possible place, which is what it looks like you have already.

For unlinking, yes, common practice is to hit the "U" command to unlink from where you were. Our system is set up that after a short period of time, with no RF received, it will reset back to the PRA system reflector automagically.

Keep the questions coming!  Welcome to the PRA and DStar!