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Colorado Amateur Call License Plates  


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February 6, 2020 11:34 am  

Since I just went through this today, I thought I'd pass along some tips.

First, don't bother filling out form DR 2810 and mailing it in (the old process). The state will just kick it back to you with a letter telling you to go to your county DMV office.

Next, don't bother trying to use the new online vanity plate ordering system. It doesn't work for Amateur Call plates.

Your experience at the county DMV will likely depend on how many hams they've seen in the past 4-5 months since this process was dropped in their laps. In Elbert, I got the privilege of being the first. Took three clerks a good 20 minutes to figure it out. As zeros are not allowed on normal Colorado license plates, they struggled to get the system to accept my call. If you run into the same at your DMV, you might want to offer that the "plate type" must be changed. Apparently that's not something they normally do and in that drop-down is an option for "Amateur Call". Then they'll be able to enter a zero, if needed. Remember to bring a signed copy of your FCC license (they'll scan it), your drivers license, and proof of insurance.

You'll pay whatever vehicle property taxes are due pro-rated to the current month plus a $2 fee for the tags. Plates will be mailed with new stickers in 10 days or so. Lastly, I asked the clerks if there was any vehicle restrictions for Amateur Call plates and they said they didn't think so. Should be possible for motorcycles, trailers/campers too, if so inclined.

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February 11, 2020 8:13 pm  

Wow!  What a challenge.  Thanks Jeff for paving the way for the rest of us in Elbert County.