A toe-dip into the ...

A toe-dip into the Sweepstakes party  


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November 17, 2019 7:54 pm  

Well I dipped my toe into Sweepstakes this weekend using the club's 7300.  Had to do some quick antenna work and ended up with a 40M inverted-vee way too low (about 20 ft).  Made use of the SWR Graph function of the radio to make sure I was good to go. Not a lot of time in front of the radio, did a lot of searching, listening, trying to figure out where the antenna was reaching.  Not going for a lot of contacts so went for unique sections.  Only 25 contacts but 18 sections, claimed score of 900. Managed contacts from West Central Florida to Western Washington.   Nothing heard for call areas 1,2 (except one guy in northern New Jersey but we couldn't make an exchange), 8 or Canada.  But at least one contact for each other call area.

All in all a fun time.


Robert, AE0CA



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Dan Grady
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November 23, 2019 7:59 am  

Great job, Robert!  Thanks for giving the Club's 7300 some attention.  It is a great radio and a personal favorite in my shack. 25 contacts is nothing to sneeze at and that is great work.  Looks like you were able to work coast to coast, which is good.  Like you said, a fun time and GREAT JOB!