Shack signs / Laser...

Shack signs / Laser cut gear  


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January 22, 2019 5:16 pm  

Luggage tag (round): $8
Keychain (rectangle): $5
Standard Shack Sign (acrylic legs): $30
Deluxe Shack Sign (milled aluminum legs): $50

10% of all sales goes to PRA!

Shack Signs have 12 ‘NeopPixel’ style RGB fully addressable LEDs, driven by a Digispark Attiny85 based microcontroller. Easy to reprogram via Arduino to do whatever you want. USB cable included, BYO wall wart.

Tag and Keychain colors: Black (translucent), clear, blue, green, red, light smoke, dark smoke.

Custom graphics entirely possible, just ask!

Interested? E-mail me at jeff(at) Finished items can be delivered no-charge @ monthly PRA meetings. Shipping extra, if required.

73, N0KAI (Jeff Karpinski)

Kenwood TM-V71A, Kenwood TS-590S, Motorola XPR4550, TYT MD-UV380, Kenwood TH-D7A, BTECH UV-5X3, µBITX V5 QRP