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SOLD Yaesu FT-817 accessories for sale SOLD

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Portable Zero's Escort rails with stand in olive drab for the -817 $35

Escort rails

 SOTABeams Anderson Power Pole adapter for the -817 $15

SOTA Beams  power adapter

 SOTABeams speech compressor for the -817 $35

SOTA Beams processor

LDG Z-817 20w auto tuner that integrates with the -817 $65

LDG RBA-4:1 200w balun to allow balanced antenna use with the Z-817 tuner or standalone by itself $15 

LDG gear

 Yaesu OEM YF-122C 500Hz CW and YF-122S 2.3kHz SSB filters (there is only one filter slot in the -817) $95 each

YF  122 filters

PRA pricing. On line listings will be higher.

Terry WB3EVZ

M 720-879-8707


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