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SDRPlayDUO, LDG Tuner, & RX7300  


Dan Grady
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August 18, 2020 8:11 pm  

Couple of items moving out of the N2SRK Shack. 

For Icom-7300 users, up for grabs is a RX7300. The RX7300 is a device that taps the IF of the 7300 and allows you to connect your favorite SDR receiver for a cool waterfall setup and rig control with your favorite SDR software.  PRA Special Price: $25

Speaking of SDR Receiver, up for grabs is an SDRplayRSP2.  This is a great SDR receiver that covers most of the RF spectrum - 1 kHz → 2 GHz. USB Cable included. PRA Special Price: $175

Looking for a great compact tuner? Look no further than the LDGZ100+ tuner. This tuner is MINT condition. The LDG Z-100Plus requires very little electrical power. It draws about 200 mA when tuning and just about Zero current when receiving or in standby. This feature makes the Z-100Plus especially suitable for mobile or portable operation. It handles up to 125 watts SSB or 30 watts Digital, but requires only 0.1 watts to tune, making it ideal for QRP operation. PRA Special Price: $125

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