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PRA Exclusive - Yaesu FT-817 Plus Accessories  


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May 22, 2020 10:03 pm  

A PRA Exclusive Deal.  Only offered here through Memorial Day Weekend, if no one takes it I will put it up for sale on those other sites.

Yeasu FT-817 Plus Accessories

This is an older Yeasu FT-817 (Not an 817D) with several accessories. The radio is in excellent working order and puts out the full 5 watts on TX according to my MFJ Power Meter. The display is crisp and bright. Cosmetically it has a couple of scratches on the body and the grey power button as some gouging, however it functions normally and is just an appearance problem.

This is an all band all mode QRP radio. Comes with an internal battery (9.6V 1700mAh) that does not last for very long, but will operate the radio. It also operates on 13.8V DC power with DC Power cord Has an ACC port on the back for Cat control/Programing with RT Systems software/antenna tuner interface. SO-239 Antenna connector on the back and a BNC antenna connector on the front. It has been a good radio and I have been pleased with its performance as a QRP radio. I am selling to buy a different QRP radio.

I used it at Winter Field Day on JS8Call and made 4-5 contacts with just 5 watts and an inverted V Dipole on 40m. At my shack it has been connected to a TNC and my APRS Radio on 2m. (It has the typical Yeasu 6 pin mini Din data port on the back). This would be a good choice for the Crested Butte DX-pedition in August.

Items Included
* FT-817 radio 160m-6m, 2m, 70cm & 5.1675 MHz Alaska Emergency Freq. CW, AM, LSB/USB, FM, 9600 Packet & 1200 Packet 5.3 X 1.5 X 6.5 inches 2.5 lbs

* LDG Z-817 External Antenna Tuner 0.1-20 Watts 1.8-54 MHz (powered by 4 AA batteries) and tuner interface cable and one foot antenna patch cable (5.5 X 5.25 X 1.5 inches 8 oz)

* MH-36 DTMF Microphone (Yeasu Stock Microphone)

* Original Yeasu 2m/70cm BNC Whip Antenna (You can purchase a separate extension that screws on for 6m)

* Shoulder strap and brackets that are attached to side of radio

* Anderson Power Pole adapter on back in place of 2.3mm plug (which were prone to break in radio)

* Wall Charger for internal battery with Anderson Power Pole connectors.

* Two DC Power cords with Anderson Power Poles on each end

* One 9.6V 1700 mAh internal battery (A second 9.6V battery that does not hold a charge but will operate the radio when connected to DC Power)

* AA Battery holder for using 8 AA Alkaline Batteries to power the radio in place of the rechargeable internal battery.

* Serial Interface Cable for CAT Control

* RT Systems Programing Software CD and RT Systems Programing Cable

* Original Radio User Manual

* Niffty Mini-manual

* LDG Tuner Manual

* And I will include a MFJ-1899T 6m-80m telescopic antenna (I have not had much success with this antenna).

Total price $450.00 Paypal or Money Order



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May 25, 2020 5:54 pm  
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here you go Patrick. I add two photos when I made the post, but did something wrong and they did not load.