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Motorola VHF 1-25 watt Mobile Radio CMD 750

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Nice Motorola CDM750 VHF radio for standard VHF operations or this is the highly sought after radio for All-Star builds.  The radio will go down to 1 watt which is perfect for 100% DUTY CYCLE when used for All-Star or possibly other types of uses.  What you get:  the radio and mic ONLY.  For standard repeater/VHF voice use, just add a power cord.  For an All-Star build you will need a power cord (very cheap) and other parts and pieces.  PRA members can provide all the info you need to build the All-Star node.  The board used with this radio to set up a node is $50. I have $75 in this radio and it's yours for $75.  Text me.  AC5S at 303-362-3933