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[Closed] FREE to Good Home - DX Engineering 43' Vertical

Dan Grady
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Listing for fellow Ham moving out of state. Please use contact information below.

DX Engineering 43 Ft. Vertical that works on all HF bands. It does have a broken mast section that needs to be replaced, (darn deer). I am sure that section can be had from DX or another source. It’s free to a good home. 

303-917-7380 (M)

Stephen (Steve) Harlan
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I would be interested in that vertical,  I am building my shack and will be testing for my General ticket first part of next year, and this way I could fix the mast section and have it installed and ready to run then.

Steve Harlan


you can either send me email to or call me at (C) 720-975-3143