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Collins 30L-1 Amplifier (10-80 meters)  


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May 28, 2020 3:39 pm  

I have decided to buy a solid state amp so the beloved Collins 30L-1 amp has to go.  I purchased this amp from a PRA member who is highly knowledgable/trained on Collins amps and had gone through the entire amp and completed many Collins upgrades.  Not only are many of the internals new or upgraded, the amp now runs 572 power tubes which are easily rated at the 800 watts which the amp puts out.  I usually run the amp at 500 -600 watts.  The amp will run on 220 VAC but is currently set to, and runs very well on, 120 VAC.  This is simple amp to operate and maintain.  This amp has always been considered a "desktop" amp because it is certainly smaller than most of the Ameritron and other amps many Hams use today.  The only upgrade that was not done is the "soft-key" upgrade but even with that upgrade, I still would use an external interface module to isolate the transceiver, which I will throw in the deal.  A good deal of paperwork/manuals are included with the amp, detailing the approved upgrades.  NOTE:  This amp covers 10-80 meters.

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Now for the best part, $550 takes it home so you can break through those pileups.  Call at 303-362-3933 or reply here.  Either way I am happy to discuss the amp.  Paul. ac5s

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