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Attn: IC-7300 Owners - Want to add a Panadapter/Waterfall display?  

Dan Grady
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This little IF tap worked wonders for me. The RX7300 adapter allows you to add a Receive-Only SMA Antenna Connection to the Icom IC-7300.

This easy to install plug-in modification requires no soldering and is easily installed and easily reversible.

The RX7300 - SMA adapter can also be used for the insertion of accessory items into the receiver chain on the IC-7300 like the following:

Receive-Only Bandpass Filters, Low Noise Preamps, or an SDR Receiver like the SDRplay.

When installed, the Icom IC-7300 will transmit using the SO-239 antenna connector, and received through one of the SMA Connectors on the RX7300 - SMA.