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Introduction to Antenna Basics on HackADayU

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I ran across an interesting free online course through HackADayU at:

Course Overview:

This course is a basic introduction to common types of antenna design and some of the fundamentals of radio frequency engineering it requires. It is designed to reflect first-year lessons a professional antenna design engineer might learn on the job.

Prerequisites: Some basic electrical engineering knowledge in electromagnetic fields and circuits would be helpful, though not required.

Software/ hardware: None

Certificate: HackadayU is proud to offer a Certificate of Completion for this course. Students will complete a series of quizzes to receive a badge.

About the instructor: Karen Rucker is a spacecraft radio frequency engineer with a background in antenna design. She has a B.S. in electrical engineering, focused in microwave and antenna design. She holds an amateur extra radio class license and has given numerous talks on amateur radio topics, such as 3D printing antennas. Lives in Westminster, CO.

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