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Ham Radio Outlet Denver is Hiring!  

Dan Grady
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From Our Friends at HRO Denver:

Ham Radio Outlet in Denver is looking for a well qualified ham for a part time sales position. Once training is complete, openings are primarily for Fridays and Saturdays with some flexibility. Retail experience is a plus.

Duties include: in store greeting and sales, phone sales, general knowledge of all radios and products, responsibility for the computer input and proper documentation of all sales, moving and stocking of inventory and equipment, responsibility for protecting company assets by proper handling of inventories, cash, checks, credit cards or any company assets, responsible for following up with proper paperwork to ensure customers get what they ordered and are satisfied. 
Ham Radio Outlet is open Monday through Saturday and is a leading supplier of amateur radio equipment and supplies.  We offer a friendly work atmosphere and we are an equal opportunity employer.  For more information, please fill out our online application located at http://www.hamradio.com/jobs&source=gmail&ust=1601875035155000&usg=AFQjCNFoHodXHlF_BK7C4S0fMB6Cu3pzd g"> http://www.hamradio.com/jobs .  Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting in-person applications.